Two-container homes are designed to be compact, affordable, and comfortable homes. With a few small adjustments, they could be redesigned to fit many different needs. If you’re a couple, with or without a child, or if you’re a young professional looking to share a house with friends, discover below which design best suits you.

In the three designs we developed so far, we addressed three basic two-container arrangements:

  1. Home 2-1 (two containers side-by-side)
  2. Home 2-2 (two containers separated by living space)
  3. Home 2-3 (one container on top of another)


Home 2-1 is a popular design because of the space it lets you enjoy at an affordable price. If you are looking for a shipping container house with more space than a single-container home, level up to a two-container house. You gain more space without losing the compact and affordable home you set out to have.

This cargo home design includes two bedrooms and one bathroom, carefully designed to maximize the space of two shipping containers connected side-by-side. It can easily accommodate you and your partner, plus a child (if you have one).

We would love to hear your thoughts about this design and how you would like to customize it for your needs. We can help you from start to finish.



Are you looking for a house you can share with your friends or colleagues? Or, are you looking to build a house to rent out? The Home 2-2 with its three rooms and two bathrooms would be perfect for this setup.

This design has a living space in between two containers. The size of living space can be adjusted based on your lot and your needs. You can also decide which of the rooms would be the bedrooms or the home office (if you would like to have one). The Home 2-2 would suit friends/colleagues sharing a house, or a family of three, or even a family of four.

Contact us today for any questions on this design and how we can customize it for you. We design, build and deliver shipping container homes anywhere in the USA.



The Home 2-3 design has one container on top of the other. If you have a limited or narrow lot for your home, this cargo container house design would be the way to go. The stairway could even be extended to the roof deck for a great open space to hang out or stargaze! This design with the roof deck is popular in coastal areas.

Two bedrooms and two bathrooms is the base plan for Home 2-3, which is perfect for a couple with or without a child, or if you are looking to share a room with a friend or colleague.

View the designs and let us know how we can customize this shipping container home design for you. We can work with you from start to finish to ensure your satisfaction.