With the growing population, lack of affordable housing and the constant rise of the real estate prices, many are left wondering if the dream of owning a home will ever become a reality. By thinking outside the box, many have turned their home into one.

First time home buyers or anyone looking into building a home on a budget, should really consider container homes. These are affordable, stylish and environmentally friendly units that can be easily transported, set up and manipulated for any use or function. The concept of container homes has been growing in popularity due to its small footprint, minimalistic design and modern look.

The job can be outsourced to a professional container home builder or can be taken up by any individual with the strong desire to learn and lots of patience. The below are 5 steps to consider before building your first container home:

1. Create a budget

Evaluate the costs involved and create a budget. Consider the costs of purchasing a container and any expenses relating to its treatment and transportation.

2. Plan it out

With any home, you need a good plan.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many bedrooms will it have?
  • Will there be an outdoor area?
  • How many containers will it require and of what size?
  • How many levels will it have?

3. Professional help

Depending on the difficulty and complexity of the project, you may require to attract the help of professionals: tradesman, surveyors, welders, plumbers and carpenters.

4. Local Zoning Approval

Do you need to speak to your local council for any permits and approval? Avoid the costly mistake of buying a container, materials and hiring a team of professionals only to get your building plan rejected by the council.

5. Hit up the internet

The Internet has a lot of useful information in regards to container home building and design ideas. So utilize this resource and come up with something unique of your own.