With rising world population, there is an increasing need to provide families with sturdy but affordable housing. One of the best ways to have affordable housing is by using reciclable materials and cost effective methods of construction. This is reason some companies are now experimenting with shipping container housing. Shipping containers are the ideal material that addresses the affordability and ease of construction.

Shipping containers have already been used as office spaces by construction companies for a long time. They usually use them as on-site offices for their building projects and construction yards. So it would make sense that some architects would design houses with them as materials in mind. Here are some ways house builder’s enable these boxes to be habitable:

  • Insulation – Steel is a very good heat conductor, this means that in can both easily absorb and release heat. During hot summer days the interior of a shipping container can reach high temperatures and during the winter season heat also can escape very fast from a steel container. With this reason appropriate insulation should always be used on these types of homes.
  • Maximizing Space – A shipping container is 8FT wide, it is relatively small. So if you are looking to make this your home, you should always maximize the available space to suit your needs.
  • Air Circulation – Shipping containers are basically metal boxes with one entrance and exit, this makes proper air circulation an issue. It is recommended that you address this with windows.

These are just some of the ways a designer could make a shipping container habitable. There are still some more you can find in the web. And by making use of these surplus material companies can provide people an affordable and better quality home.