The climate change is a big issue and there are countless debates on what causes it. Whatever the causes are, the current situation incourages us to take a look at the challenges that we are facing. From pollution to carbon emissions throughout the world, from resource depletion and peak of the oil industry, these issues are all accelerating and have wide implications for the construction industry. This situation needs to be addressed.

One of the solutions is to be building healthier Eco-friendly homes. Eco-friendly construction can not only help to create better conditions for the environment, but can also contribute to building healthier indoor environment.

Many scientists believe that conventional building materials and methods are linked to a wide range of health issues. Chemicals in the paint, solvents, plastics, along with biological pollutants like dust mites and moulds that are known to cause symptoms of asthma, headaches, eczema, palpitations and chronic fatigue syndrome. The Eco-friendly green building reduces, or eliminates, these problems. Properly designed ventilation, breathable walls, and use of natural, non-toxic products and minerals, help reduce health issues in homes and building. Green building is not only a wise choice but also is a necessary one. The construction industry slowly adopts to Eco-friendly practices and materials used. One of the ways to reduce carbon footprint is reusing, recicling and repurposing shipping containers to build dwellings.

The use of Eco-friendly construction methods and materials will improve the health of our planet and our health. This will also support the local businesses and help to strengthen the local economy, which in turn contributes to building our communities into prosperous and desirable places to live.

Eco-friendly housing