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“Home is the most popular, and will be the most enduring of all earthly establishments.”

Channing Pollack

“The most critical decision homeowners will make when embarking on the remodeling project is choosing the right professional for the job.”

Joe Quintana

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Our Philosophy

All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.” – Philip Johnson

At Smart Homes USA we believe in the power of good design. Based on over 25 years of industry experience, we know that a well-designed project will work better, feel better, look better and last longer for you. Good design also achieves the “wow” effect by harmoniously integrating key elements of design and build.

A well-planned vision with solid ideas drives SMART HOMES’s efforts in good design and execution. We work for and with you and want you to be thrilled with our craftsmanship.

We desire and encourage open communication at all times. At the outset, we dialog with you about how our process works and address your questions immediately. Throughout each project, we strive to continuously understand your needs. At the completion of the project, we speak with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied.


Your home is a place to experience life — during meals, visits with family and friends, rest and relaxation and entertaining — but it may not look or feel the way you want it to. Your bathroom may be outdated, you may need a larger kitchen, your bedrooms may have damaged areas, you may need to accommodate a growing family, or your aging parents may need adjustments to their home to make aging in place possible.

Whatever the reasons are, your decision to remodel is exciting! Your bathroom can become the spa you’ve always wanted, your kitchen can have the extra space needed to comfortably prepare and eat meals, the water damage in your bedroom ceiling can be quickly fixed and the new addition to expand your home’s livable space can be built. By making these types of changes, you can love your home and increase its value.

You deserve an affordable, enjoyable remodeling experience and a beautiful finished product, but you may not know how to get started.

Smart Homes USA can help you achieve that. We use a comprehensive and proven approach to designing and installing all remodeling projects. Our experts will help you develop a clear vision for your home and better understand how the remodeling process works.

You can rely on Smart Home’s creative vision, expertise, superior remodeling skills and professional project management. With every project, you will get lasting craftsmanship, beauty and durability. At Smart Homes USA, your pleasure and delight with your remodel is our constant focus and main goal.


Smart Homes USA is a full service residential remodeling firm. We work almost exclusively within the design/build framework, where we handle all aspects of your project from concept to completion.

We use this framework because of significant advantages for you as our client. To name a few:


Single Source Responsibility

Perhaps the most appealing and easy to recognize advantages that Design/Build offers are the convenience and comfort of one-stop shopping.

Cost Control

Smart Homes USA takes on the responsibility of protecting the budget as design happens. Savings and budget control are achieved through better planning and clear understanding of client’s needs and desires.

Quality Control

Quality of the design and construction of the project happen by default when our team and you, the client, are working together to achieve your vision and meet your requirements.

Reduced Delivery Time

Our clients save time and trouble by dealing with a single source for all matters rather than separately with a contractor, an architect, an engineer, and various subcontractors. Bidding periods and numerous re-designs are eliminated, the project is streamlined.

The project can be completed in less time because work can begin before all the elements of the design are complete.
This fast tracking can reduce your financing costs and will permit delivery of the project at an earlier date.

Smart Homes Remodeling provides the following services:

  • Home Additions
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Major renovations – multiple rooms
  • Remodel to accommodate disability
  • Aging in place remodeling


Alex performed a major re-design for me and brought together a team of experts that designed and built a full English pub style bar with a multitude of different and exciting aspects to include a hand made copper bar top and the build out of a very large basement area. From the architect/design function to the trades to build it, all were first class, respectful, on budget and on time. That set of skills all together is almost unheard of in the building industry. Alex listened to our requirements and ideas from the first day and incorporated our vision into the project. I HIGHLY recommend Alex and his team.

– Alistair H

Alex has carried out a major renovation for us, as well as significant roof and attic repairs after a tree fell on our house. His company is our “go to” for remodeling and repairs, and we have been consistently satisfied with the results. He is easy to work with and very receptive to our ideas. His employees are craftsmen who take great care with their work. Alex’s services aren’t the cheapest in town, but we know when we hire his firm that the job will be done right the first time.

– Pamela S

Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to each project he manages. He is quite personable and up-front. There has never been a time when he did not deliver what he promised, or give me a great reason why it was not feasible to do so. He balances providing beautiful esthetics with an eagle eye on the bottom line! I have been blown away by the results!

– Molly F

Smart Homes USA is a highly experienced design build company. Alex is very personable with a great eye for details and execution, and his team is clean, courteous, multi-faceted and perfectionistic. We’re delighted with our new bathroom and the structural repair work that the team delivered.

– Leslie T

I have known Alex for years, and he have completed several projects at my home. He is extremely professional, responsible and honest. He and his team treat customers and their properties with a lot of respect. He is very detail oriented and devoted to providing best service and highest quality of finished products on all of his projects. It was always a pleasure working with him, and for any of my future home improvemens, I would definitely hire Mr. Shekhtman and his crew.

– Michelle G

Alex has worked on numerous home projects for us since 1998; they range from major renovation projects, such as new kitchen and master bath, to painting (interior and exterior) and wallpapering. He has totally remodeled a bathroom, installed hardwood floors, and did a complete basement renovation (including a new bathroom and storage area) that changed a dark space into a marvelous music room and living area. For all major projects (e.g., the installation of new windows and doors throughout the house), we ask Alex for recommendations and ask him to serve as general contractor. Over these 10+ years that we’ve worked with Alex, he has worked on every room in the house. His design ideas are terrific, his work is of the highest quality, and his projects come in on-time. He’s a true professional and the only contractor we contact. We highly recommend him.

– Alice M

I hired Alex to remodel two of my bathrooms and my kitchen. His work was consistently very good and he was always very responsive to any concern I had. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else to work on my house. I highly recommend him.

– Tom H.

Alex is innovative and reliable and the work is excellent. To find all three in a general contractor is rare. He will take his time to explain what he intends to do and includes the homeowner in all major decisions, both during the initial design phase and during the work process. I couldn’t have been happier with Alex transforming my basement from a dungeon into a modern, fabulous beautiful new space in my home.

– David G


One Container Homes

One of the advantages of shipping container houses is that they are inexpensive, especially those made with only one shipping container. Since the total area is smaller, the cost of materials is lower and the time for building it is shorter.

We have three designs for you to choose from. You may also contact us for more details about our designs.

Two Container Homes

Two-container homes are designed to be compact, affordable, and comfortable homes. With a few small adjustments, they could be redesigned to fit many different needs.

If you’re a couple, with or without a child, or if you’re a young professional looking to share a house with friends, discover below which design best suits you.

Custom Design Homes

When Smart Homes USA uses more than two containers to design projects, the possibilities are truly endless. We can address a wide range of specific needs our clients may have.

Combining shipping containers and traditional construction techniques and materials allows for even more diversification, flexibility and design option.